Francis Brewer, son of John R. Brewer, spent boyhood days on his father’s World End Farm; and, possibly inspired by that experience, began in 1884 to purchase sheep grazing land at Great Hill. Among those purchases was the site of the 48.1 acre Brewer Reservation. Brewer Reservation, given to the Town by the Brewer family, is located on the south side of Hobart Street and is bound by the Hingham transfer station and sanitary landfill on the west, Ridgewood Reservation on the south and Blue Sky Drive and Taurasi Road residents on the east. The site has hills, woods and a meadow. The reservation entrance is located between 190 Hobart Street and Blue Sky Drive with room for a few parked cars next to the emergency access entrance. There is additional parking across the street at the More Brewer parking area.
The route rises up the path from the entrance and turns right onto a trail. The trail rises onto a plateau and loops west along Hobart Street, turns south overlooking the transfer station and turns west back to the main path. The route turns right on the main path and goes downhill with the landfill on the right. Near the bottom of the hill the route turns left (north) on a trail to a clearing. The trail turns left along the edge of the field and continues uphill looping to the left and right coming to an open field. The route loops counterclockwise around the east edge of the field. On the north side of the field turn right on a downhill trail into the woods. Stay left on the woodland trail which ends on the main path. Turn right and return to the reservation entrance.
more brewer woodland pathway

Recommended Trail Activities: Walking, Trail Biking Length: .7 Route Type: Trail (Narrow), Path (Medium) Difficulty (Grade/Surface): Moderate Parking: Limited Dog Restrictions: Allowed Ancillary Activities: Cross-country skiing, Snowshoeing, Birding, Hunting (permission may be required), Camping (permission may be required)