The Town Forest, has 197.6 acres of rolling land, features open conifer groves, winding eskers and fern-carpeted swales (moist land depressions) not found elsewhere in Hingham. There are approximately 3 miles of pine-needle-covered cart paths and trails for walking. Many of the pines are red pines which were favored for lumber because they are faster growing than white pines. Unfortunately, red pine is also more susceptible to blight and the forest has been under attack and heavily damaged in recent years by red pine scale and the pine shoot beetle. In addition to walking the forest trails and paths have been used for dog walking, jogging and horseback riding. Visitors also enjoy bird watching.

Vehicles are not allowed in the forest. There is pedestrian access near: 115 South Pleasant, 94 Prospect, and 209 Charles Streets. There is also room for one or two parked cars along the shoulder of the road on South Pleasant Street.

Beginning at the South Pleasant Street entrance the 0.64 mile route heads south along the cart path.  Turn right at the first trail which rises uphill.  At the end of the trail turn right at a T intersection.  Continue on a new trail until the trail meets another trail that goes left uphill over steep rocks to a ridge.  The trail follows the ridge along a ravine providing views into and across the ravine.  At the end of the ravine the route goes left where the trail splits.  Stay to the left on the trail until it returns to the cart path and turn left at the cart path and continue back to the South Pleasant Street entrance.

Recommended Trail Activities: Running, Walking, Hiking, Trail Biking Length: .6 miles Route Type: Trail (Narrow), Path (Medium), Road (Wide) Difficulty (Grade/Surface): Moderate, Difficult Parking: Minimal (1-5 spaces) Dog Restrictions: Allowed Ancillary Activities: Birding, Fishing (license may be required), Hunting (permission may be required)