Cushing Pond, which is created by a dam on its northeast side, is fed by the Plymouth River and Eel River. The pond falls within the Weir River watershed with water flowing over the dam into Crooked Meadow Brook, merging with Fulling Mill Brook and continuing into the Weir River. The dam, which was built in the 1600s, was used as a saw mill, a fulling mill and a grist mill in its early years. The pond is currently used for fishing and boating.

Mildred Cushing woods is made up of 19 acres of the southeastern shore of Cushing Pond donated by Mildred Cushing. Mildred was a resident of the area and a longtime member of the Conservation Commission. The rolling, open woods, well known to fishermen of all ages, have good-sized native trees and an open field that abuts several Main Street residences. Public access is by way of a footpath at 37 Cushing Street. Street-side parking is available across from 59 Cushing Street where there is an informal water portage area. There is also an informal trail access along the shore west of 59 Cushing Street.

Park on the side of the street at the portage area by 68 Cushing Street and walk east on Cushing Street to the park entrance at 37 Cushing Street for this 0.7 mile walk. As you enter you will be greeted by a park sign and a bench. The trail skirts around a wet area as it makes its way towards the pond. The trail comes to a split with the right branch dead ending at a field and the left branch continuing to the pond. Continue through the woods to the left until the trail comes to another split near the pond. Turn right and the trail leads to a scenic overlook. After enjoying the views of the pond, continue down the trail until it ends and look to your right towards the dam that creates the pond. Turn back to the west and enjoy the views to your right as you go. When you return to the split in the trail continue to your right along the edge of the pond. The trail leads through the woods with pond views along the way and returns to the portage area where the walk began. Along this route the trail passes a spot by the waterside where it turns sharply left and makes a good location for viewing and picnicking. In addition to walking, the park provides for boating, by way of a boat ramp, and fishing by boat or along the shore. Please note the rule is car top boats only (no trailers) and no gas engines allowed on the pond. Including the walk along Cushing Street this route is about 0.7 miles long.

Recommended Trail Activities: Walking, Hiking, Trail Biking Length: .7 Route Type: Trail (Narrow), Path (Medium) Difficulty (Grade/Surface): Moderate Parking: Minimal (1-5 spaces) Dog Restrictions: Allowed Ancillary Activities: Snowshoeing, Birding, Boating, Fishing (license may be required), Hunting (permission may be required), Camping (permission may be required), Picnic, Natural Features, Scenery