These 29 acres are part of the crest of a recessional moraine (transverse ridges of glacier debris) and are interesting for the radical relief and contrasting floras. West of the school is Indian Spring, one of the few natural springs in the town. Eight acres of maple swamp on the Cushing Street side were the site of an open millpond shown on 19th century maps and are an example of the natural succession of shallow ponds.
Park at the lot on the north side of South School during non-school hours. The 0.5 mile walk begins at the concrete stairs at the southwest corner of the parking lot. Walk down the steps and along the south side of the field. There is a large sign announcing the Nature Trail at South School. The trail passes to the left of the sign and down railroad tie steps. Continue down the trail past a trail that leads away to the north and two trails that circle a hill. On this part of the walk, you will cross three bridges while passing through wetlands. Immediately after crossing the third bridge, take the trail on the right and ascend a steep, narrow path up the hill to the top of a ridge. Below to the left see an outdoor classroom area with wooden benches, which is not readily accessible. Continue along the ridge before turning down to the left keeping the outdoor classroom area on your left and continue straight down to reconnect with the main trail and turn left. (A right turn leads to private residences and an entrance between 13 and 15 Pioneer Road.) Continue on the main trail past a side trail on your right. The side trail crosses a small brook, an interesting stone slab bridge and leads to the right-of-way path to a cul-de-sac between 55 and 56 Liberty Pole Road. The trail is marked with No Trespassing signs. After passing the side trail turn left and circle another hill. On returning to the main path continue your walk back to the parking lot.

Recommended Trail Activities: Walking, Hiking, Trail Biking Length: .7 miles Route Type: Trail (Narrow), Path (Medium) Difficulty (Grade/Surface): Moderate, Difficult Parking: Adequate Dog Restrictions: Allowed Ancillary Activities: Hunting (permission may be required), Picnic