HLCT Receives Hingham Public Schools Community Partner Designation

HLCT was recently designated a Hingham Public Schools Community Partner in recognition of collaboration with fifth grade science teachers to use the HLCT map, Parklands for the Public, to foster awareness and interest in natural areas in Hingham.    As the school year commenced, three hundred of our “green spaces” posters were given to every fifth grader as they began to study the nature of the schoolyard ecosystems as part of their science curriculum.  Katie Roberts and Jan Duffy, both field science teachers said: “We hope that families will use the HLCT maps to explore some of the wonderful conservation land that we are so fortunate to share in our town”.  The map, along with some suggested field study science activities for families, has been on display in the Children’s Room at the Hingham Public Library.  News about our collaboration also appeared in the school newsletters at each of Hingham’s elementary schools.  We look forward to seeing this next generation of field scientists and green space enthusiasts on our walks and enjoying the great outdoors!